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composer - performer - storymaker - visual artist

"outrageously talented"


"Dane Terry is the millennial Cole Porter.  He's got the hooks of Elton John, the jokes of Tom Waits and the heart of Leonard Cohen."

- John Cameron Mitchell, creator of Hedwig

and the Angry Inch

“he’s an intensely engaging performer….he’s so present we have to be too...extraordinary dexterity with language, physical and vocal performance, and sheer songwriting talent”

- Jennifer Cayer, CULTUREBOT 

Terry is a dextrous storyteller in every sense of the term...His singing voice (a blend of Jeff Buckley and Freddy Mercury) is transportive, and his comedic timing a surprise.” 

Charlotte Arnoux - EXEUNT NYC

"...this guy is fucking incredible, as a songwriter, a lyricist, and a multi-instrumentalist."

-Doug Mosurock, STILL SINGLE 

Photo by Bobby Miller​


Dane Terry is a critically acclaimed, award-winning American theater artist, musician, podcaster, writer and visual artist. Terry has been performing his distinct brand of musical storytelling for 20 years and has appeared across the globe in world class venues. His audio-narrative work, most notably his music fiction podcast miniseries Dreamboy (Night Vale Presents, 2018), boasts millions of listeners internationally. A spellbinding performer and virtuosic musician with the writing chops to match, his ability to completely transport his audience with a few words and a flourish on the piano is uncanny. Musically, he is fluent in many genres and his songs and stories range from heart-wrenching and hilarious to thrilling, gritty and sensuous, and often involve multifaceted, nuanced depictions of queer sexuality. Terry is also an accomplished visual artist who regularly exhibits his work in galleries and online.  

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For all currently available work, including erotica, click here: BIG CARTEL

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Dreamboy  2018-2019  (Writer, Composer, Actor

Distributed by Night Vale Presents.

Pounded In The Butt By My Own Podcast  2018 (Actor) 

By Chuck Tingle. Distributed by Night Vale Presents.


Bird in the House (Writer, Composer, Performer, Director)

premiered at La MaMa (NYC) in 2015 and went on to be in

Under The Radar Festival at The Public Theater in 2016 and subsequently toured. 

Jupiter's Lifeless Moons (Writer, Composer, Performer) 

premiered at PSNY for COIL 2018  



Xmas  2023

I May Rail and I May Whine  2022

Music From Dreamboy, Vols 1 & 2  2020

The Wild of Town  2017 

Color Movies 2015

Something for the Ladies  2015

7 Songs 2011

Songs of the Telephant  2009



"Night and Day" - Jan - Mar 2024 - Joint show of new paintings with Dave Terry at The OSU Faculty Club in Columbus OH.  

"New Paintings" - Oct 2022 - Solo exhibition at Back Room Gallery at C'mon Everybody in Brooklyn NY. 


2015 Devised Theater Working Group at The Public Theater in NYC

2016 Ethyl Eichelberger Award from PSNY 

2016 Bird in the House, Incoming! at Under The Radar Festival at The Public Theater

2017 BAX Space Grant from BAX 

2018 Freehand Artist in Residence - Freehand Hotel in association with Bard College

2019 Kimmel Center Theater Residency at The Kimmel Center in Philadelphia 


2016 Bird in the House, Incoming! at Under The Radar Festival at The Public Theater

2016 Lincoln Center, Out-of-Doors Fest - Headline Performer 

2016 Bird in the House, Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus, Ohio

2018 Jupiter's Lifeless Moons, COIL festival at PSNY

2019 Welcome To Night Vale: Spy in the Desert Tour - opening act on a North American tour with a major Podcast. 

2020 Broadway in the Boroughs - Featured performer representing La MaMa Theater Co.

2022 Welcome To Night Vale: The Haunting of Night Vale - opening act on a European tour with a major Podcast. 


Chris Weingarten - recording engineer, mixing engineer, musician, sound designer

Yoshiko Chuma - multimedia performance artist

Keith Hanlon - recording engineer, musician

David Cale - writer, performer, songwriter

Jordan O Jordan - songwriter, performance artist, recording artist

Andrew Graham - songwriter, recording artist

Dan Fishback - playwright, composer, impresario 

Justin Sayre - playwright, writer, comedian, actor

Ellie Heyman - theater director



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opening for Welcome to Night Vale

10/02/2022 - CORK, IE.  -St. Lukes

10/01/2022 - GALWAY, IE.  - Town Hall

09/30/2022 - DUBLIN, IE.  - Liberty Hall

09/29/2022 - BRIGHTON, UK.  - The Old Market

09/28/2022 - BRISTOL, UK.  - St. Georges

09/26/2022 - GLASGOW, UK.  - The Old Fruitmarket

09/25/2022 - MANCHESTER, UK.  - RNCM

09/24/2022 - LONDON, UK.  - The Palladium

09/23/2022 - NOTTINGHAM, UK.  - Albert Hall

09/22/2022 - LEEDS, UK.  - City Varieties

09/20/2022 - PARIS, FR.  - Alhambra

09/17/2022 - LEUVEN, BE.  - Het Depot

09/16/2022 - UTRECHT, NL.  - TivoliVredenburg Hertz

09/15/2022 - COLOGNE, DE.  - Kulturkirche

09/14/2022 - BERLIN, DE.  - Columbia Theater

09/13/2022 - MUNICH, DE.  - Freiheitshalle

09/11/2022 - PRAGUE, CZ.  - Kino Lucerna

09/10/2022 - VIENNA, AT.  - Simm City

09/09/2022 - WARSAW, PL.  - Palladium

09/07/2022 - HAMBURG, DE.  - Mojo Club

09/04/2022 - COPENHAGEN, DK.  - Bremen Theater

09/03/2022 - OSLO, NO.  - Cosmopolite

09/02/2022 - STOCKHOLM, SE.  - Sodra Theater

09/01/2022 - HELSINKI, FI.  - Savoy Theater

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